Lishan Senior High School Visit

Although I come from Ping-tung, I know Lishan Senior High School is quite excellent and famous; therefore, my aunts always persuaded me to study in Lishan before. ( but actually I don’t think I had enough qualificaton to enter Lishan = =” ) Well, I remember that day when I visited Lishan. I was attracted by the spacious campus, lovely view, fresh air and tranquil atmosphere. In terms of the above mentioned conditions, I deem that Lishan provides a great environment for students to study.   Read the rest of this entry »


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Long-Men Junior High School Visit

Before visiting this school, I considered it just no more than a common school. But 15 minutes later, my opinion was totally changed. With Mr. Yang’s clear explication, we were impressed by all the five-star facilities, vast space of buildings and energetic teaching teamwork! What astonished me most is their counselling rooms and their garden which is like a coffee shop. I deeply conviced that the students and teachers here are blessed, especially for the students since they can use all resources they need appropriately. As for the class obesrevation, it was not surprised me that the class of junior high is sometimes out of control ( the teacher A was angry with the students when we were entering the class), since I had experienced another “crazier” situation of class observation last semester. Well, this proves that those children of junior high are “full of energy”. Moreover, according to that day, it seems that the teaching method of teacher A belongs to a traditional one. What’s more, I am so touched that she edited those “notebooks” for her students. It never occurred to me that being a teacher can be so dedicated, it really impressed me a lot. During the visiting, I realize that there are so many “hard works” waiting for me….and it really somewhat depressed me at that moment since recently I am busy with the graduated school exam and I failed in some excellent schools. Those failures let me doubt about my ability….however,finally and fortunately, I passed the preliminary and got interview qualification of English department of 高師大. This little achievement draws me near my untouchable dream step by step. ( So, dear teacher, I wanna say sorry for I always delayed my new posts. = =” )  

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Lesson Plan !

1. What is a lesson plan? Read the rest of this entry »

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Feedback about ICT

ICT stands for Information Communication technology. With the rapid development of technology, our teaching can be diversified. Instead of the traditional teaching, the new and extra materials may intrigue learners’ interests and facilitate teachers’ teaching as well. However, I deem that to konw how to teach with ICT appropriately is quite important. And with ICT during the course, the classroom management is always a hard work for teachers

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Here ! Carina !

Hey ! Welcome to my blog .  ♥
My name is Carina and I am senior of Spanish department . I think that English is an attractive language and I am fond of listening English songs. What’s more, I’ve interested in Linguistic recently and preparing for the graduated school entrance exam lately.   

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About the two questions

Q1:Which of these approaches do you hope will have more influence on tour teaching in future?   Read the rest of this entry »

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